02 October 2011

Those rascally shifters

*Cue spooky music* While you’re reading this I am not at my computer. I am in the lovely town of Akron Ohio for Ellora’s Cave Romanticon and presently signing books … hopefully. I do have visions of people lobbing things at me. ;-) LOL! *end spooky music*

This month, October (which btw is my favourite month) the theme is HERE BE DRAGONS, WEREWOLVES AND MORE. What a perfect theme for the spookiest month of the year. I am a Halloween junkie. It’s also the month I got married. I wanted a Halloween themed wedding but I was vetoed. Anyways I digress.

I love shifters. I’ve read many of them. My favourite shifters being Katie MacAlister’s dragons in her Aisling Grey series. I heart Drake.

I love shifters so much, but I’ve never written one. Until recently.

I just subbed it to my editor so I can’t say much other than it involves Mounties and hot shifters. *grin*

I know I was totally entranced by shifting creatures when I saw The Last Unicorn, though she wasn’t a true shifter … she was just transformed. A couple years later I saw the movie Lady Hawke. Does anyone remember Lady Hawke and I thought WOW what a great tragic love story and how they are separated by their shift. She’s a hawk by day and he’s a wolf by night.

Shifting has been around for quite some time too. I mean look at that rascally God Zeus well he’s the KING of shifters.

Let’s take a look at some of what he’s shifted into to seduce women:

• Artemis (a woman)
• Bull
• Swan
• Golden Shower

In the classic King Arthur legends Uther Pendragon transformed into Gorlois to lay with Gorlois’ wife Lady Igraine.

Shape shifters have been ingrained in our legends since we sat around the fires and told stories through song and dance and I have to wonder what is our fascination with them.

What do you like about shifters? What is your favourite type of shifter?

Have a spooktacular October.
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