23 March 2012

Steampunk, gaslight,... huh?

I enjoy steampunk style stories, although I've only read a few. Honestly, I don't fully understand all the nuances involved in the genre. But I do know what I like -- gadgets and gizmos; tough heroines and sexy heroes. If I like the characters and don't get bogged down in terminology, I'll probably like it. Well, if it's well-written. ;)

I've written my own short steampunk-esque style story. It also has a bit of paranormal thrown in -- shifters, anyone? And a tough little heroine with a lot of baggage and some interesting clothing options. It's a Western...an alternate historical taking place in the late 1800s. Maybe it's not 'real' steampunk? I don't dare label it as one thing or another, to be honest, because I know someone, somewhere will object. Nothing wrong with purists. I just don't happen to be one of them. ;)

I write wherever the characters and muse lead me. I mostly write to please myself, rarely to please the latest trend. Who knows? Maybe my take on a particular subgenre will create the next new thing.

Meg Allison

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