22 March 2012

13 Things I Didn't Do Today

Some days run smoothly, and at the end of the day you truly feel like you made an impact. You made an impact on the world, on the laundry hamper, on a project at work, on whatever it is you intended to do that day. For a writer who works out of the home, a day that leaves me feeling productive is one in which I managed to write a certain number of new words, edit a good block of text, outline a book, sign a contract, send out queries or requests for information, balance my sales spreadsheets, create a cover, update a blog or website, stuff like that.

However, as the person in my marital relationship who works out of the house, sick kid daytime duty tends to fall to me, so a kid at home pretty much means no career work that day. I can sneak in a thing or two...like I'm doing right now...but any moment, I'll hear that siren call of, "Mom, I need a bucket!"

Here are 13 Things I Didn't Do Today Because I Had a Sick Child at Home:

1) Housecleaning (because I TOTALLY had that on the agenda)
2) Watching an R rated movie (see above).
3) Working on my WIP.
4) Practicing my tap routine.
5) Taking a nap.
6) Enjoying silence.
7) Researching half naked stock photos for cover art possibilities.
8) Updating Meankitty.com.
9) Running any errands, besides the doctor visit.
10) Eating lunch on my own schedule.
11) Figuring out where that weird smell is coming from.
12) Answering all the emails in my inbox.
13) Composing a blog post that isn't a blatant, last-ditch effort.


Granted, I should probably look at it more like 13 things I DID do today and be grateful I have the luxury to stay home with a sick child and make a comforting impact on her, but that's really schmoopy and upbeat, which is just not who I am :).

So what did you not do today? Okay, okay. Be schmoopy. What DID you do today that makes you feel as useful as "holding the bucket"?
Jody W.
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