10 April 2012

Guest Blogger: Caridad Pineiro with More On: The Vampire's Consort

Sometimes you’ll be in the midst of a writing a story when a character from another story will start screaming in your head to hurry up and write about them.

That happened to me with DARKNESS CALLS, the first book in THE CALLING (soon to be THE REBORN) Vampire Novel series.  For some reason, Diana Reyes started screaming in my head while I was writing a contemporary romance.  She wouldn’t stop yakking until I set aside that story and wrote the first few chapters of hers.

Then she stopped, seemingly satisfied that with those pages in the can, she knew I would not be able to resist writing about her. Diana was right.

The same thing happened to me with Eliza from THE VAMPIRE’S CONSORT.  Now, while Diana was a in-your-face-take-names-kick-ass kind of personality, Eliza was a very different kind of character.  More laid back.  More genteel, but don’t let that fool you.  Beneath that very feminine and soft exterior is a spine made of steel.

As Eliza whispered in my head, I learned a lot about her.  She was Irish.  She had consumption and banned from serving meals to humans, worked in a vampire bar to help support her family.  She was on death’s door when she met the vampire hero, Adrian.  Since she was young and had yet to see any part of the world beyond her small Irish village, she grabs Adrian’s offer of employment as his keeper with both hands, not ready to die.

By becoming Adrian’s keeper, Eliza saves herself and yet that choice becomes ever more complicated as the decades go by because of the feelings that Eliza develops for Adrian.  After all, her master is kind, handsome and an excellent lover.  Eliza knows this from the many women she sees him pleasure, all the while wishing that it was she in his bed.

It was that last thought – of Eliza yearning for more while watching Adrian – that snared me into writing her and Adrian’s story.  There was just something about her great need and her strength, that made me want to somehow give her and Adrian a happily-ever-after.

Especially when Adrian popped into my head and confessed his love for his young keeper.

So what’s keeping Eliza and Adrian apart?  Well, pride and confusion.  Fear of rejection.  And did I mention Eliza’s human boyfriend?  That last bit of the puzzle helped me define the relationships of the three and also provided the impetus for a sexy little ménage in the story.  It is erotic romance, remember!

Anyway, I hope Eliza and Adrian will intrigue you as much as they did me!  I loved exploring their histories and their hearts in order to write THE VAMPIRE’S CONSORT.  I hope you’ll love these two characters as well!
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