02 April 2012

You Write What? Urban Fantasy vs. Paranormal Romance vs. Paranormal Fiction vs. Sci-fi/Fantasy

Happy April!

This month we are going to be discussing the types of stories that we here at Beyond the Veil write. And we are a pretty diverse group of authors, so this should be fun.

I'll get the ball rolling.

What do I write?

Paranormal Romances. They may have a bit of suspense in them, possibly a little fantasy and a touch of the historical, but at the beating the heart they are all paranormal (as in something extraordinary is going on) and they all have a satisfying romantic happy ending.

I don't write about vampires, werewolves, or shapeshifters--even though I like reading some of those stories. Nah, three out of five of my books (a couple are not published yet) have ghosts in them.

Why? Because I want to believe in love that never dies. Love that lasts for eternity even as it slips beyond the veil.

What kind of stories do you like to read?

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