30 April 2012

Kindness in My Community

Today, I wanted to talk about someone that is near and dear to my heart--writers.

I am blessed to work in a community where people are kind and help one another. During my career 99.9% of the writers I have come across have been helpful, gentle, kindhearted, inspirational and professional. There may be an occasional bad apple in the mix, but the rest are so shiny, bright and beautiful that there's no need to talk about the flawed, um, fruit.

I will never forget the day I was wandering around lost at a conference and Sabrina Jeffries asked me to join her for breakfast. I guess I looked as lost as I felt.

Forever I will remember that Janet Evanovich and Meg Cabot BOTH agreed to let me interview them simply because I asked!

Diana Peterfreund line-edited my first and very sucky query letter, showing me what needs to go in one of those bad boys. NY Times Bestselling author, Gemma Halliday, critiqued one of my chapters, giving me courage to submit what became my first sale. Kristina McMorris beta-read my first novella and showed me a thing or two about GMC. Once she explained to me what GMC stood for.

THE Nora spoke to me (and thousands of others) during a keynote speech about longevity and perserverance. She also taught me a bit about swimming in the publishing pool. 

Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Amanda Quick showed me how important it is to have life-long writer friendships. 

Julia Quinn gave me concrete examples of dialogue and action tags. 

Authors here at Beyond the Veil have given me support, love and advice for which I am eternally grateful. Romance Divas and the Chick Lit Writers of the World provide education and information on a daily basis. 

My close friends hold me up when my legs are too tired from running this writing marathon and I return the favor. I am truly blessed to have a community that allows me to learn, grow and become the best author I can be. I hope that I do the same for other writers. 

Thank you my friends! Hugs, Kimberley Troutte
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