13 July 2012

In living color

I imagine many writers like to consider the possibility of their stories coming to life on the silver screen. It's a sign of success... an honor given only the best and most popular of books.

Would I actually want one of my stories to be translated to the big screen? Sure, it would be exciting. But I imagine it's a difficult process, too. We all know the old saying: "Read a good book before Hollywood destroys it."

That might be harsh, but we can't get away from the fact that novels and movies are rather different beasts. A scene in a book, for example, that is mostly introspection, would drag in a movie. Hence, the movie version is rarely the same as the novel from which it spawned -- never to the letter.

When we read a book and fall in love with it and its characters, we don't take kindly to someone changing what we have embraced. It's insulting. It's often disappointing. When a character is changed and/or portrayed differently than we envisioned, we can feel a sense of betrayal.

No, I wouldn't mind having a story I've written made into a movie. But I might want to retain as much creative control as I could. A writer can dream, can't they? ;)

If I were ever given a choice, here are some actors who could -- at least physically -- pass for my visions of characters I've created:
For my historical romance, Alaina's Promise, Stewart Finlay-McLellan was both the visual inspiration for my hero Torin O'Brien, as well as the voice to go with the words he spoke in my head. :)  My adoration for this actor began when I watched him play Dr. Neil McNeil in the television show, Christy. Yes, I have a thing for the Scottish and Irish brogue.

Of course, there's the gorgeous, sword-wielding Adrian Paul -- a perfect likeness for one of my favorite heroes to date: Ian Spain. Who better to slay demons than a man who is the epitome of the knights of old? His photo graced my desktop for many months until a wonderful cover artist came up with the cover for Dream Walk...  and I fell in love with Ian all over again. :)

Gerard Butler could easily portray my favorite ancient healer: Gabriel Bonnett, my hero from  my upcoming paranormal romantic suspense, Broken.

And last, but not least, Russel Wong is my inspiration for the hero from my current wip, At Second Sight.

I could go on and on... but you get the idea. I know my men ... and my heroines, too ... and how they appear in my head. Would you see them the same way? Probably not. But that's the beauty of a good book: we make our own connections.

~~Meg Allison

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