12 July 2012

Wild Worlds of Webby Research

Today, for the sequel to my paranormal romance Pack and Coven, I conceived of a great need to research tattoos. Imagine my arachnophobic flinch when one of the first tattoo images I stumbled across, on WIKIUBIQUITOUSPEDIA no less, was of this:

(Link to page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tattoo)

Naturally I had to share it on Twitter, where I merrily ruined several people's days with that vision.

So I thought I'd ruin all of your days, too! Provided you have arachnophobia, anyway. Here's a couple links to the most eyepoppy spider tattoo images I found today:

1) An under-ear spider: http://www.tattoomuch.com/under-ear-3d-shadow-spider/ FLINCH! Do you think people smack her in the neck a lot?

2) A grouping of "horrific" spider tattoos (their descrip, not mine): http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/articles/taturday-horrific-spider-tattoos. Some are artsier than others, and might not incur as much newspaper swatting or fainting by the extremely arachnophobic among us.

3) A less creepy design that focuses on the web, instead of the poisonous arachnid lurking in the recesses of your closet: http://101tattoos.com/478/spider-tattoo-design-5/

4) Some girl's leg: http://www.evilmilk.com/pictures/Spider_Tattoo.htm although the comments are a lot more heinous than the creepy tattoo.

5) A guy with web for brains, literally: http://papatod.deviantart.com/art/Spider-Web-Tattoo-56072119 With a tattoo like this, you could grow your hair out before a job interview and look totes normal!

6) And of course our list wouldn't be complete with an ode to one of the arachnalicious stars of some of the most fiscally rewarding action movies of our time: http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/blog/the_dagger/post/UC-Irvine-guard-sports-incredibly-awesome-Spider?urn=ncaab-290392 Since movies and adaptations are the theme for this month, I had to add this! Plus, that dude isn't as hard on the eyes as many other individuals possessed of Spidey tats that I ran across today.

I also discovered today that tattoo websites tend to have a lot of scary pop-ups windows that claim they can remove all (personal information) viruses from your infected computer, earn you a new (stolen identity) Ipad, and gift you with (Trojans) naked pictures of hot women. Suddenly I am not looking forward to researching the art of tattoos for this book as I was when I started...

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