09 July 2012

New! KING OF CLUBS by Bianca D'Arc

Hey! What happened to June? It seemed I blinked, and it was gone. Wow.

I have this private theory that time is speeding up. I can't prove it - much like Einstein couldn't do the actual math to prove his greatest theory - but I think time is actually going faster and we can perceive it as moving faster, but since it's relative to everything else, we can't really prove it.

Okay, so I just lost half of you. Sorry. Toss it up to watching too many "The Big Bang Theory" re-runs. (I love that show!) Anyway... I have a new book out. It's the third in a series of space opera novellas where the heroines all have some kind of clairvoyant abilities and the heroes are retired soldiers-turned spies working to keep our galaxy free from various threats including an alien race called the Jit'Suku and even space pirates.

Here's a little bit about it:

King Of Clubs - Arcana, Book 3

Spymaster Chip is the King of Clubs - a professional bar manager and soldier - sent to run intel operatives out of a bar on Madhatter Station near the Galactic Rim. Lila has been managing the bar in her sister's absence for two weeks when, as she predicted using her deck of cards and her clairvoyant gift, Chip arrives. Sparks fly between them almost immediately, only spiking higher when they uncover a plot to take over the station. Can the new lovers and a handful of retired vets avert catastrophe and save the station?

Chip didn't expect to find the bar open for business when he arrived at The Rabbit Hole on Madhatter Station. Not only is it open, but a beautiful woman is running the joint. He's instantly attracted to her, but tragedy in his past has kept him from getting involved in any but the most superficial of relationships. This woman, though, she tempts him like no other.

Lila foresaw the coming of her own personal Charlemagne, the King of Clubs. She had no idea he would be so appealing though. A widow, Lila didn't expect to be so attracted to the ex-soldier. Her female senses stir to life for the first time in years and she wants to get to know him better. A lot better.

When pirates plot to take control of Madhatter Station, it's up to Chip and Lila to organize the resistance. With a handful of well placed vets and a handful of pilots, they mount a defense, but will it be enough? Or will it be too little, too late? And what of the lovers? Will their love and belief in each other be enough to see them through one of the greatest tests of the human mind?

The book is available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Get it while it's hot! :)
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