19 August 2012

Writing vs. Work vs. the World

What is it about summer that makes a writer think she can get more done?  Or is that just me?  Everytime summer comes around I feel like I'm finally going to finish a novella in three months.  I really should but Work - that thing that pays the bills until I get my big contract, and Word - vacations, running a kid to college, etc. seem to get in the way.  What's up with that.

I teach this class called "Overcoming your FEARS to getting published?" FEARS is an acronym for:

  1. Finish the Manuscript
  2. Edit the Manuscript
  3. Analyze the Market
  4. Research Publishers
  5. Submit the Manuscript
I'm having some real problems with step number one.  I think the biggest thing for me is finding that little niche of time.  Balance between everything: Writing, Work & the World.  It's a tall order. 

I'm not like other writers in the sense that I have to write.  I know Writers who have to write, not necessarily even a project, but they write because they truly love it.  These are the writers who don't even care if they ever sell.  I envy these artists.  Writing is something that comes from the heart for them and they eagerly approach their keyboard or pen & paper.

My life is all about balance and routine.  When I worked 4 days a week, Friday was writing day - I would write for 4 hours, do promo for 2, check my e-mail and other non-essentials for about an hour. 
It was a very productive day and it balanced me fairly well. Writing wasn't something I had to squeeze in over a wknd and spend away from my family.  It was done and I was happier for it.

While I may not have to write.  Writing does make me happy, I enjoy it.  It's an opportunity for me to escape from where I am and I have something to show for it afterwards.  I have a day off this week, maybe I'll write instead of packing the child up for college. :)
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