17 February 2013


How was your Valentine's Day?

Although, I think love, especially the language of love, transcends more than just a holiday.

In fact I know it does.

I LOVED the card and the raspberry chocolates my husband left me. My kids love getting Valentines from their classmates, but I've been thinking about other moments in my relationship and I have to share the moment where my DH & I first said "I Love You."

In the summer of 2001, I was finishing up college and the Brooks & Dunn song "Ain't Nothing 'Bout You" was released.

I'd just started dating the DH seriously and it was a long distance relationship. There was a 3 hr distance between us. Listening to that song made me think of him when I wasn't able to see him.

Then I heard Brooks & Dunn were coming to Toronto. The midway point for us, but having just graduated and the DH had another year I was more concerned about getting a job.

And then he called and told me he bought tickets. His Co-op paid money. Mine didn't.

He picked me up and we went to Toronto to see the BEST concert ever. It was hours and hours of music. I loved all the artists. It was a concert where Keith Urban was still an up and comer and hadn't married Nicole Kidman.

Anyways, Brooks & Dunn came on the stage and sang our favorite songs, but when they sang that song I looked over at my DH and just knew. KNEW.

And we both said it. Eleven years married, with three kids and if I play that song he still comes running. The song still makes me swoon, brings a flush to my cheek and brings me trouble of the smooching kind.

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