03 February 2013

Super Bowl Sunday - EH?

I was watching a commentary this morning on a non-football fan and how he struggles to enjoy the 3-4 hours he'll spend with friends in front of the TV.

I can totally relate.  I live in rural North Dakota where Friday Night Lights Football in the Fall is king and garners as much excitement as the Super Bowl.  It was a huge adjustment when I moved from the big city of Fargo to a small town. 

Life moves at a much slower pace out here and passion around High School Football is palatable.  I follow the local teams and I know some of the players.  They went to school with my kids, it's always interesting being greeted by this man-boys as "Hi Suzie's Mom"  not "Mrs. Holland" not "Tina", "Suzie's mom"

Today my husband is blowing out the driveway from all our snow and we'll be making are weekly trip for groceries to the big city of Fargo - mostly cuz the critters are out of treats.  :)

I hope those of you die-hard fans enjoy the big game and the couch-gating that goes with it.  Meanwhile I'll mourn that my beloved Patriots didn't make the cut and enjoy a nice quiet lunch - note to self stay out of the bars today. :)

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