31 October 2013

Digging Up Bones...Okay, Not Really!

Happy Halloween, or Blessed Samhain, everyone!

Having recently become a licensed motorcycle rider, I'm quite conscious of keeping my own bones (and titanium replacement parts) intact, thankyouverymuch. :)  Since I became a rider, I've gotten into watching motorcycle video blogs, aka "motovlogs", on Youtube. I love the strong sense of community, the diversity, and the welcoming, encouraging spirit among motovloggers.

So, while I don't yet have a fancy, helmet-mounted video cam set-up, I took my regular Canon PowerShot with me on a quick ride to take advantage of a rare, late-fall warm-up. I've ridden down to Sidecut Metropark, near Maumee, Ohio, many times, but never took the time to walk around the historic cemetery perched on the banks of the river.

So, for your Halloween pleasure, here is my first vlog, a walkaround of Riverside Cemetery near Maumee, Ohio, which is practically within the shadow of Fallen Timbers Battlefield. Feel fee to giggle at my stuttering and clumsy attempts at video editing!

Following my vid are links to three of my favorite spooky videos. Enjoy!! Have a safe (and hopefully dry) Halloween!

And now, three of my favorite spooky videos!

Castle Ghosts of Wales

Castle Ghosts of Ireland

Castle Ghosts of Scotland

~Carolan Ivey
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