09 October 2013


I love zombies. Zombie movies, zombie books -- maybe being a Mom of Boys it's the gross humour that appeals to me, but I just love them.

Being a zombie (the sleep deprived kind) is something I like a little less, and since this summer, that's what I've been. (hence the many missed post-dates, and my apologies to everyone.) I hit a rough spot and finally saw my doctor to get things straightened out, which is the best thing I've ever done.

And then I got a new job, which was the second-best thing. I'm currently a Senior Editor at Taliesin Publishing, which was started this year by Georgia Woods. Georgia's faith in me and her support of me really pushed me along and built my confidence when I needed it most.

She's also working me to zombie-ness, which accounts for another missed post or two, as I was getting used to my schedule and how to get All The Things done. And on time. And I was still healing, and still learning my own limits, and I turned zombie a few times when I overdid it. (And I probably will again in the future, realistically speaking.)

But all in all, life is really good right now, and I'm ready to blog again, too.

And now I think I need to put on a zombie flick...
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