13 October 2013

Halloween - its the most wonderful time of the year

This year will be a little different at the Holland household.  Why?  Because the last of our children is off at University.  We live in the middle of nowhere so the odds of our kids friends stopping by for Tricks or Treats is pretty much nill.

Halloween is a big deal in my family... so there's always been an other worldly air about it in my family, particularly my father's side. 

My mom easily embraced the commercialism of the candy industry and always made great treat bags.  My sister, however has always been about the trick...wary the treater that heads for her house, she plans to get her scare in. 

Both houses where the "it" house to stop at for kids and adults.  We used to dress up as a family and head to one of the impromptu parties.   Now kids have grown up, parents have gotten older and there's less festivities around the holiday.

My husband looked at me and asked, "What are we going to do this year."

New tradition this year...roasting marshmellows in my new recycled firepit and emergency candy for anyone who wants to trek to my farm.  It's possible my kids friends could stop by...but I doubt it.  If nothing else DH and I will get our sugar fix...unless it SNOWS.  



Jean Marie Ward said...

Halloween marks the day Greg and I became a couple, even if the official stuff occurred elsewhere in the year. We always try to reserve a couple hours for ourselves, watching hoary old horror movies, after the kids have gone. Sounds like you can do that all night. Works for me. Happy marshmallow roasting!

A. Catherine Noon said...

Start a new tradition. Come to Ohio with us. :)