14 April 2014

Getting Ready for Spring with New Books!

Daffodils are blooming and tulips are on their way. I saw a bunny in the park the other day and Spring feels like it's arriving day by day here in the Northeast United States. I'm also looking forward to a new batch of book releases over the next few months that has me really excited.

First, on May 5th, King's Throne comes out. There's been a little confusion because of the word "king" in the title. Some folks have just automatically assumed it's one of my sci fi stories that are named for the four kings of the tarot/playing card deck. To set the record straight - that is not the case. The title for this book was planned years ago and has to do with children's string games.

Remember when you were a kid and you took a loop of string and made different things with it using only your fingers and a series of moves? Okay, maybe you didn't. But I did. I loved playing with that simple loop of string and making the witch's broom or cat's cradle, etc.

A few years back I planned out a trilogy of books set in the same contemporary paranormal world as my Brotherhood of Blood and Tales of the Were series, only following a different group of shapeshifters in a slightly different part of the world. The shifters are all of the big cat variety - panthers, tigers, etc. And since they were all cats, I thought the string game names fit rather appropriately. Cats - string - get it?

The first of these books was Cat's Cradle. Life intervened and I didn't get a chance to get back to this series until last year, when I wrote the second book in the trilogy, King's Throne. After some behind-the-scenes publisher drama, it will finally be releasing on May 5th in both ebook and print. Huzzah!

The third book in the trilogy, which is titled Jacob's Ladder, will be out later this year. Part of my "spring cleaning" this year is to finish off a few of my ongoing series. I started in March, by releasing the last of the Resonance Mates books, Harry's Sacrifice. That brings to an end the long-planned 5-book story arc of that series. I won't say no to the possibility that I might write more of those books sometime in the future, but probably not this year. This year is all about finishing things! ;-)

So the plan for now is to finish the String of Fate trilogy by year's end. I will also be finishing the 5-book Redstone Clan sub-series within the Tales of the Were. Book 4, which is titled Bobcat, will be out in June, I believe, though I'm firming up the date as we speak. I hope to have book 5, Matt, done shortly thereafter.

And then it'll be on to re-releases of the two Sons of Amber books - Ezekiel and Michael - which are now out of print, and some ventures into outer space with my various sci fi series. I plan on releasing the last of the four kings - this one titled King of Stars - sometime this summer. After that, I hope to release a couple of new stories in the Jit'Suku Chronicles. We'll see how it goes. The plan is ambitious, but I like to aim high and see how far I can get. ;-)
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