28 April 2014

Unloading: Cleaning Your Mental Closet

I have to laugh at this theme because my mental closet has been so jammed full lately that the doors have busted and all the junk inside is falling out.

It's a busy time.

I have to keep at least two calendars running--the one hanging in the kitchen and the one on my phone--and am still worried I'll forget an important appointment.

Both of my kids are graduating from their schools this year.

A couple of big family birthdays are coming up.

Travel is on the horizon.

The house is falling apart around my ears, requiring plumbers and fix-it men galore.

I have written more books this year than any time in my life. And I'm learning how to swim in the fast-moving social media rivers. (Still a bit worried I'm going to drown.)

I am determined to get in shape--physically and mentally--which means exercising AND relaxing.

So...yes, if anyone knows how to clean out my mental closet, please let me know. Until then, I'll just keep shoveling the junk back inside.


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