26 May 2014

Memorial Day Thanks

I sit typing at my desk as the golden sunlight slants through an ancient pepper tree dancing on the breeze outside my window. It's a regular day, a peaceful day, full of life, promise and hope. Love.

I am free.

My children are safe, sound, and watching a silly irreverent show on a television.

My husband has a great job that pays him for his service. I have two great jobs that I love.

Our house is more than enough, our paychecks more than enough, our healthcare, education, food much more than enough. We breathe fresh air, drink sparkling water, sleep at nights.

We can go to church, to school, to vote because we are free.The men and women who died for this country made it so.

There are not enough words to thank those who risk paying the ultimate sacrifice for me and my family. But on this beautiful Memorial Day, I am deeply grateful. Thank you for serving in the military.  God bless you and your families. And God bless the beautiful United States of America.

Kimberley Troutte

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