11 November 2009

What if you lived forever?

A few years ago I asked my husband that question. What if you lived forever? And if you did, imagine what it would be like, the things you would see. Little did I know but that conversation would spark an idea for my book, A Forever Kind of Thing.

I love thinking the "What if" scenarios. All of my stories have started off with a "What if" question.

What if
my hero was cursed to live forever?

What if
you open your front door and there stands your old boyfriend, the love of your life who walked out of your life years ago with no word, no note, nothing? (Deception).

What if a man couldn't touch a woman? What if something so horrific happened to him that he physically couldn't touch a woman? (Redemption)

Sometimes the best part of the "What if" game is the "What if" questions that stem from it, spiraling out like ripples on a pond, getting bigger and bigger.

What if the boyfriend who left you years ago was beaten and bloody and barely conscious when you open that door?

What if the hero who couldn't touch found an unconscious pregnant woman and had to drag her out of wrecked car?

What if I paired my poor tortured Gypsy who's cursed to live forever with a woman who's fated to die young?

The best part about this game is that the possibilities are endless. And you can play it everywhere.

While stuck at a red light: What if the guy next to me runs the red light, crashes into another car and meets the love of his life? (Accidental Love)

While walking the dog: What if the overweight girl you went to high school with shows up at the high school reunion a total babe? (Hands Off)

What if you could hear one particular voice in your head, a voice you've heard all your life. A voice connected to a very real person and suddenly you stop hearing that voice? (The Power of Love)

See what I mean? Come on, play with me.

What if...



Carolan Ivey said...

What if the man who just rescued you from potential kidnappers turns out to be the brother of the man who broke your heart? (Novella I just finished and turned in.)

What if a freak snowstorm prevents all your friends from making it to a group Caribbean sailing vacation, leaving you the only female aboard with two hunky crewmen? (Novella I'm polishing up for submission.)

I love this game! I play it all the time in my head.

Liz Kreger said...

Oooo, I love "What if" games. It opens so many doors when trying to come up with ideas.