12 August 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Great Reasons to Go to DragonCon 2010

DragonCon 2010 is three weeks and one day away. There are a thousand reasons to go—including the chance to see yours truly on eleven (count ‘em, eleven!) panels. But since it’s Thursday, I offer you thirteen:

1. The music—Voltaire’s “Zombie Prostitute” is so now.

2. World Records—Last year they went after Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. This year it’s Star Trek, Steampunk and superheroes. (http://worldrecords.dragoncon.org/)

3. Convenient transportation options—The Tardis can take you anywhere you want to go. But why would you want to leave?

4. Crossover Fanfic—Stormtrooper/Conan slash anyone? C’mon, you know you like to live dangerously.

5. Healthy eating choices—Snow White didn’t eat all the Queen’s apples, you know.

6. Celebrity mash-ups—Forget Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Try John Ringo and the Cruxshadows.

7. Futurama’s Bender in pink—My eyes! My eyes!

8. Steampunk fairies—‘Nuff said.

9. Really big guns—Just the thing to get that pesky boss to behave.

10. Parading minions—Monarch always brings a few…dozen in his never-ending quest to destroy Dr. Venture and company.

11. Unsparkly Vampires—Sometimes the old ways really are best.

12. There be pirates—And they know how to party!

13-Arc Attack—Gives a whole new meaning to the term “Electric Slide”.

Not to mention everything else—Wrestling! Ghost hunting! Belly dancing! Burlesque! Writing! Every conceivable form of gaming!—but my blogmates won’t give me a month of Thursdays. Click here for the full scoop. But if you just want to see more pictures, you can do that here.
See you in Atlanta!


D. Renee Bagby said...

I'll see you there.


~ Renee

Jean Marie Ward said...

Can't wait! :D

Jana Oliver said...

You always take the best pictures.