30 May 2012

Balticon Post-con Wrap Up

Last weekend was Balticon. It was my first time being a guest at this particular con, but not my first con in general. I had a great time! Well... once I got past the horrible traffic and the borderline rude hotel personnel (who I understand were overwhelmed, but really need some lessons in customer service. I mean, I have worked in hotels. In FIVE STAR hotels. If I had given any customer the attitude I got from these people I would have been fired on the spot. A single shining star of a bellman saved the day.HE deserves a raise.) things were great. Of course the hotel jumped up to help me after I threatened to take my money and go home. Marriott is getting a strongly worded email from me.

The con people were fabulous!

Originally I had only a few events on my schedule, and one of those was an autograph session with Jean Marie (SO great to see you again, dahling!) and my friend-whom-I had-never-met-before Jackie Dolamore. I had no problem with a light schedule, but being a first time guest I wanted to pull my weight. I want to be invited back again. So I volunteered for several more, sending a list of things I was interested in to the con programming guru. She put me on most of them, which rounded out the weekend nicely. Sometimes all you need to do is ask.

I will NEVER do a Monday panel again, though. At least not one that starts at noon. Hubby wanted to be on the road, and by the time the panel rolled around, so was I. Anyway...

Hubby, who is not into SF/F, had to amuse himself. I dragged the fam with me mostly because I didn't want to abandon them on a holiday weekend while I went to play near a major city. So Hubby scored some Orioles tix for himself and the Boy for Saturday afternoon. They had a great time too, so it all worked out. I spent Saturday reading Tarot cards, signing books, and generally having a con-tastic time.

I also did very well at this con, sales-wise, which was a bonus! My new book, The Sword of Danu (buy it on Amazon or B&N or from the publisher today!), launched on Sunday night as part of an 8-book blowout of a party. I have pictures, but they're all on my phone. The Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading was also awesome (even though I had to leave early...)

Overall, I give Balticon two BIG thumbs-up. I hope to be invited again next year!


Jean Marie Ward said...

Great seeing you, too, Christine! Wish we'd had more time to hang, though. My schedule was so clogged, I missed almost all the launch parties. *sob*

Danielle Ackley-McPhail said...

That was the older black gentleman, wasn't it...I actually hugged him and told him how wonderful he was before I left.

So glad you had a good time! Congrats on the book :)

Christine Norris said...

Jean Marie you need to work less hard! You were flying all weekend.

Danielle, yes, the older man. I didn't see him again that weekend, but I'm glad someone told him how awesome he is. Best hotel employee ever.