25 November 2012

Guilty Confession

I still love old school heroines. It's like brain candy for me. I was raised on old school heroines and I still enjoy them.

Do I write them? No. Not in the least, but I do love revisiting my favorite books and reading about them.

I think the only old school heroine I loathe, and I mean, LOATHE is Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind. I'm sorry, but she was just a big beyotch and I know I'll get slack.

I still remember reading my first old school heroine. She was Maggie Afton of Connie Mason's Ice and Rapture.

I still have a very well worn copy of the book, it's falling apart from multiple reads and I keep it because it was one of the last two books my Grandmother read before she died (the other book was Jewels by Danielle Steele, which I also love).

I took those two books from her hospital room. I'd already read them, because we read things together as she tried to fight the cancer which killed her. It was a way to spend time together and I don't think my mother knew her mother was debauching her daughter. LOL!

My grandma (Nanny) always like to read "Hot books. The hotter the better."

Funny, now I write erotic romance.

I digress, Maggie Afton was plucky, a reporter and willing to do STUPID things to get to the Goldfields during the Yukon Goldrush. And I mean stupid things, like trusting two varmints to take her to the goldfields where they planned to rape and kill her. Thank goodness Chase McGarrett (the Hero) stepped in, but that's a whole other post on HIM!

She also could have saved herself some serious heart ache and issues if she would've just TALKED TO THE HERO! Jayzus, woman for being a reporter she was a bit stubborn.

But I loved her. I still love her. She is my favorite old school heroine of all time.

Do you have a favorite old school heroine you love?


A. Catherine Noon said...

Hmm. For old school heroines, I loved Nancy Drew and the books of Phyllis Whitney. One of the crime shows I was watching this past week pointed out, Nancy Drew solved all her cases. Exactly! Smart, fun, wholesome and successful, these heroines made me want to solve crimes or become a reporter. I loved it.

Great post! Thanks!

Jean Marie Ward said...

What a great way to connect with your grandmother, Amy. A little bit of her comes back to you every time you read the books you read with her--regardless of plot or character. :-)

Amy Ruttan said...

I love Nancy Drew too, Noony! :)

It is, Jean Marie! She died so young from cancer, I miss her so much.

A. Catherine Noon said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Amy.