16 April 2008

Are You Hooked on Daytime Drama?

Go ahead. Admit it. You’re a daytime drama diva, aren’t you? Me? Not so much. At least not any longer. But I can understand the obsession.

Many women and, yes, some men are hooked on at least one daytime drama. Whether you enjoy watching a wealthy California family suffering through the pitfalls and scandals of the fashion industry (The Bold and The Beautiful) or following the never-ending marriages of Erica Cane (All My Children), you know the mesmerizing power of a soap opera.

When I lived in the United Kingdom for two years, I became addicted to The Young and The Restless. Why? I think the main reason was that I was often alone─the hubby was traveling and the kiddo was in school─and I had no other outlet. (This was before I started writing.) Also, I couldn’t find employment because I didn’t have a work visa. But then again, I have to admit that maybe I was hooked because I missed my home in America. The funny thing was…the dramas were a year behind, but I didn’t even realize it. Having never watched them back in the States, I had no idea that the shows I waited to see each day were old. But who cared, right? Right.

Here’s why. If I watched an episode of my favorite show today and one from over a year earlier, I’d bet the plotline would remain basically the same. We all know what I’m talking about. One of the leading ladies is in love with one of the leading men. That same man or woman will, no doubt, have had, or will have, a fling with one of the other leading characters. Isn’t it a well-known joke that, if the show is on the air long enough, every character will eventually marry almost every other character on the show? Although that used to mean every man with every woman, with the introduction of gay characters, now everyone can hook up.

Is this the main attraction of daytime dramas? To see who will get involved with whom? You know how it is. Since elementary school, the gossip of who likes what boy or girl has been one of our primary attractions. Even the reality shows are cashing in on our fixation with shows like High School Reunion. The thing about daytime dramas is simple. They realized this long ago and beat everyone else on to the punch.

Yep, I think I’m right on this one. What do you think? In fact, I’d go on with this theory except...my soap is on.

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