16 April 2008

What to say?

Normally, I don't have a problem with finding something to say. My phone bill can attest to it, in fact, as can...well, anyone who's ever spoken to me.

Only...I'm finding it hard to know what to say today.

Part of my brain is still in Mama-mode...having a three week old will do that to you. I'll be sitting on the phone, and he'll do something...like, say...breathe...and I'll say "Oooh! Tha'ts the cutest thing ever."

Part of my brain is in writer-mode. I have a story this close to being finished, and it's writing itself in my head. I'm finding it hard to ignore the nattering of the characters as they clamour for their happily ever after.

Part of my brain is distracted by the springtime happening right outside my window. It's beautiful outside - sunny and shiny and...it even smells new and shiny out there.

And part of me is thinking "I have loads of laundry to do, and dishes, and I need to sweep the front step and..."

As a result, I have nothing really to say...except maybe I need to set myself some sort of schedule so each part of my brain can have a chance to do what it needs to get done...and

...oooh look...he smiled! I have to go stare at him awhile now...
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