05 April 2008

Sprung. And a giveaway. (Updated with winner!)

Spring finally roared in last night, with rain, thunder, and an off-on-the-horizon light show that was beautiful to see. This morning the world is sparkly and clean, still cool enough that all the moisture hasn't turned to mugginess, and the sun has come out to shine.

We'll have more storms later today, but then that's what spring is about. Mercurial changes from cold to hot, dry to wet, shine to clouds. And at the end, the sun will always come out again.

This winter seems like it has been a long wait-for-the-sun. The house has needed one repair after another, my daughter seems like she's been sick more than well, and there've been too many days when the clouds of worry about this or that hovered overhead. Books I feel should be finished are not, and ones I want to start keep getting pushed back on the schedule.

But with spring everything seems fresh and possible again. The roof is finally replaced, the enless bathroom remodels almost done. It's been almost a week since someone sneezed or coughed, and I had time to sit and write every day for that same week.

And did I mention that outside, the sun is shining, and everything is sparkly, clean, and fresh?

So to celebrate this springing of spring, I'm giving away a copy of Hunting the Huntress. Comment here, or email me at ember @ embercase . com between now and 9am Monday to win.

Goodbye winter, and hello spring!

Update -
There ended up being 3 entries here on the blog, and another 8 via email.
The magic of the random number generator choose number 8 as the winner, and that was Tracy, who emailed in her entry.
Tracy I'm emailing you to ask your format preference - please check your inbox!
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