19 June 2009

A bright spot...

The way this past week has been, I'm not sure I'm looking forward to the rest of my summer. :( Controlled chaos is the only way I can describe it. Picture job hunting; computer/Internet woes; children fighting; and sleepless nights ... Yes, I feel a bit like I'm treading water and about to go under.

But things are looking up -- including getting our cyber school issues settled for the fall. The best thing this week? These arrived on my porch, quite unannounced:

It's silly, really, but there's just something about holding those gorgeous books in my own hands...

Yes, I think digital books are great. I agree with all the many reasons that many readers and authors prefer them hands-down over print. But still, well, I suppose I can't quite let go of that emotional bond I have with the printed page. Hours upon hours were spent taking turns reading outloud with my mother. There's a psychological connection for me there in the binding and off-white pages.

No, it wouldn't be any less of an accomplishment if my books were only published in Mobi, pdf, Kindle or whatever file you prefer. Honestly, it's the way things are going and I'm ready for the ride. It does make a lot more sense. But I would miss paperbacks if they were to ever completely disappear.

I know it sounds stupid, but that's just the way it is. :) Getting that box of printed author copies is one more thing that drives the point home in my often insecure mind: I have done what I set out to do. I have had a book published. I've told the story that I needed to tell and now everyone can enjoy it. So, after I fondle and adore the books for a while, I'll move on to the next work-in-progress. Because getting published is kind of like eating potato chips. I just can't stop with one... or two... or even three! ;)
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