13 June 2009

Divination: Celtic Ogham - Nuin

Welcome back to my series on Celtic Ogham divination! Today's symbol is Nuin (pronounced NEE-uhn).

Plant/Tree: Ash or Mountain Ash
Letter: N
Month: Mid-February to mid-March
Planet: Sun and Neptune; some sources say the Universe)
Animal: Snake
Color: Green or White (depending on source)
Element: Air and/or water
Stone: Turquoise
Deities: Odin, Neptune, Manannan

Ash is one of the three sacred Druid trees (oak, ash, thorn). It is common on nearly every continent, in almost every climate, and its dense wood has been used for oars, tool handles, weaving looms, weapons, wands and baseball bats. :) It's a tall tree (100+ feet) with deep roots; it's often used as the model for the "world tree" with roots that connect to the underworld and branches that support the heavens.

Nuin symbolizes harmony and balance in all things, and is seen as a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. Not surprisingly, its energy is calming and balancing.

The Celts thought that Ash connected the three circles of existence, which are variously interpreted as past/present/future or confusion/balance/creation.

When Nuin appears in your reading, it is reminding you that your every word and action has a consequence, a ripple affect that carries far beyond our own lifespans. You may be feeling bound, tied down, or locked into a chain of events, and need to seek balance and harmony between everyday life and your spiritual life. Tread softly in the natural world. Remember that no matter what problems you are having, there's no need to feel alone; though you feel the need to withdraw from what seems like a chaotic world, reach out and ask for advice and opinions.

As this symbol is sometimes seen as an aid to transition, it could be telling you to prepare for a significant shift in your future.

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Carolan Ivey
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