15 June 2009

New Books and Vacation Fun

June is an exciting month for me. Two new releases - one in print and one in ebook. Since the ebook is a new paranormal, let's talk about that one first. INFERNO is the long-awaited sequel to LORDS OF THE WERE. It features Dante, the vampire bad boy we meet first in LORDS OF THE WERE, and his fey knight friend, Duncan. The heroine is a lone werewolf, sent to spy on Dante. What ensues is a scorching hot sexy adventure. The book comes out on June 30th from Samhain Publishing.

The second release this month - which really precedes the release of INFERNO - is JACI'S EXPERIMENT, the third book in my RESONANCE MATES series. Another hot menage novel, this book is set in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens have taken over and only a few psychically talented humans survive. To ensure the continuation of the human race, the humans must teach the aliens what it is to feel and especially what it is to love.

In addition to all this release excitement, I've been traveling since the beginning of the month, on a massive road trip that has taken me from coast to coast. I'm having a grand time, filing away all sorts of information on the country - its different terrains and flavors. Writers never really go on vacation - we're always storing away sights, sounds, tastes and smells to use in our books. So this trip is really "research"! LOL!

I'm having a great time and will report more about my travels when I get back home towards the end of the month. :)

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