05 June 2009

Chaos comes in waves...

Are you a believer that good and bad will find a balance no matter what? I am.

This has been a very good few weeks for me both personally and professionally. Samhain contracted my Maggie Award winning novel, ANGELIC AVENGER AKA "Bella", to start the tide of good things. Bella's story is particularly close to my heart because it was the first book I'd ever finished on my own. In it, I pushed a few boundaries and stepped outside the box discovering my voice as a writer as well as my originality as a storyteller. Signing that contract was one of the greatest moments in my writing life. We're aiming for an October release and I'll talk more about it as it goes through edits.

Great news for me, but then there's more. Does anyone remember Samhain's Tickle My Fantasy submission call? I wrote a jaunty little story for it that wasn't picked up. I sighed, tossed it in the files, and moved on...or so I thought. I couldn't get the story out of my mind so I popped it out, gave it a good read, and sent it off to The Wild Rose Press. The editor who read it liked it, but wanted it a bit more fleshed out. So back to work on it I went.

Four expansive revisions later, each one deepening and polishing the story, they offered a contract on it. I was over the moon. LOVE AT FIRST SHOT was great fun to work with and I'm glad TWRP is going to publish it.

But Karma is an evil thing. During the middle of all this, we moved the family from one state to another. I write this looking at remnants of packing material and the knowledge that there are still more boxes yet to be unloaded. And, personally, there are other issues heaped on the scales just to make sure I understand that good things can't happen without the bad.

The Scales are at a balance, but that's life, right?

And for my pitch of the week - Samhain's got the Sexy Shifter Books coming out at the end of the month...*insert evil laugh here*...June 23rd is going to be a really great day for readers.
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