01 January 2010

Happy New Year?

Would someone please tell me where an entire year of my life has gone?

Honestly, I'm not all that sad to see 2009 go -- may it rest in peace. It was not a banner year in either our home or my professional life. Although, I did like getting print copies of DREAM WALK in the mail. :) And that four-star review in the December RT issue was a nice end-of-year bonus.

But, like many Americans, we've had a lot of downturns in life this past year: Money issues; personal crises that are somewhat common in homes with three teenagers (hormones, anyone?); and lots of little, petty irks, such as vehicles that continually break down. Oh, and then there's that pesky rejection and my downward spiral into the "I suck" funk.

Hmmmm... sounds like 2009 was a royal PITA. :\

Or was it?

Despite that list of 'projects' I failed to complete (ahem) and the above-mentioned woes, it couldn't have been completely horrible, right? I decided last night that there had to be something good in 365 days of living. Something. Anything!

So I thought about it... and I realized, yes, it wasn't such a bad, horrible, oh-God-spare-us-another-one type of year. We had more than a few good times. There were a lot of learning and growth experiences for both myself, my dh (I think) and my kids -- and no, they weren't all painful.

We had a lot of laughter ... a lot of good times, despite the crap that was thrown our way by life, fate or our own bad choices. I suppose that sometimes, it's just hard to see the good when you're concentrating on the other.

The upshot is, I'm approaching this New Year of round digits with a new attitude and a different strategy.

1. I'll add nothing to my 'to-write' list unless it's currently under construction.
2. I'll take one day at a time and make myself stop, examine my outlook, and make the most of each one.
3. I'll do something for someone else each day -- even a small act of kindness -- and hopefully forget my own worries in the process.

Otherwise, I make no promises. But I think 2010 is going to be my year of renewed attitude.

May you all have a happy, healthy and relatively pain-free 2010!

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