16 April 2010

Back to Work

Literally, in my case.

I've been a SAHM for 13 years. That's what happens when you marry the Air Force. It's not exactly conducive to most two-career families, so I happily left my job as a ticket agent at Delta Airlines and moved away for a life of high excitement, two children, and a lot of packing and unpacking. I started to write about half-way through this grand adventure, so I did have my career -- it was just at home, and I fit it in around my family's needs.

As long as my children have been in school, I've been volunteering in school libraries, whether they wanted me to or not. I can't plan parties and I'm not responsible enough to be a room mom. I'm not even a very good classroom assistant. But I shine in a library. I love them. The order, discussing the merits of Judy Moody over The Magic Treehouse, talking about fairy tales with middle school kids...I just love school libraries.

So about a month ago, I was doing my thing at school when the librarian pops up and says, "You know, they're looking for an actual library assistant at Such-N-Such School. You should apply."

In fact, since I happened to be volunteering at two libraries that day, when I mentioned it at the other one, the librarian said, "Oh yeah! You'd be great at that!"

So I did. I applied. And they called for an interview. So I went on my first interview in 13 years. Then they hired me. So I got my TB test and got fingerprinted and Wednesday was my first day of work. In 13 years.

I'm now a temporary, part-time library assistant at a high school. I'm around people all day. In some ways, it's like being a mom of toddlers again. As soon as I sit down to do one project, someone calls out and asks me to do something else instead. I started five projects yesterday and between all of us, four were accomplished, but not always finished by the person who started them.

I'm the youngest person there. Everyone else's kids are grown and gone, and some of my coworkers are grandmothers now.

But the best part? Is looking through all the books. It's a really large library and very current. There are books I've only heard of, but never seen. Books I've been wanting to read for ages. And it's a comfort to see old favorites there, too. Nora is on the shelf! And Jude Devereaux!

In any case, I'm officially a working mom now. At least until the end of the school year. And while it's very different from my previous routine, I find myself enjoying it.

Well, off to my 3rd day at work. Wish me luck!
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