22 April 2010

A Thursday Thirteen About Thursday Thirteens

I've been trying for days to come up with a fun Thursday Thirteen for this week. I have several lists with a few items and the only ones that have thirteen or more are not very...entertaining to anyone but me, shall we say. So I'm going to share with you a list of 13 Thursday Thirteens I Will Not Be Inflicting Upon You (Today).

1) 13 Writerly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

2) 13 Atypical Uses for the Ipad

3) 13 Cool Things in the Beyond the Veil Raffle Basket to be given away at RT next week

4) 13 Things My Kid Did to Interrupt My Writing

5) 13 Books About Cats Being Smarter Than Dogs

6) 13 Post Apocalyptic Romance Novels

7) 13 Reasons I Quit Watching Smallville (I had far more than 13)

8) 13 Cancelled Genre TV Shows That Are Better than the Crap on TV Today (see item 7)

9) 13 Para-Rom Elevator Pitches You Probably Shouldn't Use at RT and RWA This Year

10) 13 of my Greatest Tweets Ever (This list was curiously blank.)

11) 13 Things To Congratulate Fellow Writers For When They Seem Like They Need A Pick-Me-Up

12) 13 Apps For Writers (FaceBook, iPhone, etc) Somebody Needs To Create

13) 13 Reasons I Couldn't Come Up With A Better Blog Post (see 1-12)


If you were going to have to vote on a list I should post for next time, which one would it be?


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