30 April 2010

Kentucky Derby 136

In two days, Louisville, Kentucky will host the fastest two minutes in history, known around the world as the Kentucky Derby.

The race, held at Churchill Downs, has a rich history. The first race at the track was run May 17, 1875. You can find the entire story on Wikipedia or other sites through Google.

Last year’s race was marred with tragedy. A filly, Eight Belles, ran with the boys. She came in second, but broke both front ankles on the cool-, and was immediately euthanized. The event marked the first time a horse died in the Kentucky Derby. The incident made the headlines with speculation the jockey possibly pushed the horse too hard. Talk of whether fillies should be allowed to run in the Derby took over.

But, the talked died away and a year has passed. May 1st looms ahead meaning race time once again. This year a filly, Devil May Care, has her name on the playbooks. I’ll be rooting for her all the way.

Louisville really shines this time of year. There’s so much to do for both young and old. As a native Louisvillian, I enjoy being a part of it. It’s why I chose to use the city and Derby festivities as the backdrop for the beginning of my vampire romance series, starting with the Watchers gearing up for the fireworks show where thousands of spectators pack the waterfront, and among them, rogue vampires use their charms to lure victims into the shadows.

Kidnapping, murder and vampire drugs keep the stories alive, and scenes of steamy romance make the pages sizzle.

You can catch the big day on live streaming video at www.wave3.com. And, if you want to read about how the city comes alive when the sun goes down, start with Midnight Reborn, the first novel of the series.

D. (Diane) McEntire

The Watchers Series - Samhain Publishing



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