17 January 2011

Eleven for '11

You’ve recovered from the hangover and looking a little askance at your resolutions. Work looks like work again (dagnabbit) and the cold weather just won’t quit. Time to lose yourself in a good book. Not to fear, we can recommend eleven to start the year off right, and they’re all written by us:


Ghost of Christmas Past, Liquid Silver Books, December 20, 2010.
Four years after being gunned down by the city's most infamous crime boss, Empath and PsiCorps Agent Torrin St. James wakes from a coma to find that he's seemingly lost everything. Entered into the WitSecPsi program, as part of his cover Torrin is believed dead by the members of his psychic Triad, Resonance Partner Riley Valin and Psi Anchor Sky Roarke--his fiancĂ©. When Torrin convinces his handler to break protocol and let him see Sky and Riley, he discovers nothing is the way he remembers it—with his loved ones or the corps. Isolated in a safe house during the worst storm of the season, he’ll have to learn if passion, trust and love can be saved or if he’s just a ghost of Christmas past.

Christine Norris

The Mirror of Yu-Huang, Zumaya Publishing, December 20, 2010.
Megan’s dreams of a fun and relaxing Christmas holiday turn into a nightmare when the headmistress of her school strong-arms her father into hosting a huge New Year’s ball for the Chinese ambassador. Soon her secret charge, the Library of Athena, the Library is invaded, and only Megan can stop the invader from threatening the world.

Bianca D’Arc

Cat’s Cradle, Samhain Publishing, print release January 4.
As bad days go, this one qualifies as one for the books. Elaine knew being late for her jiu jitsu class could earn her a reprimand from her sensei. But the sensei’s not there. And suddenly, neither is her car. Walking home she discovers things most definitely dp go bump in the night—like Cade, an alpha Panther Noir on a mission transporting his queen to safety. Thrust into a world where the supernatural is commonplace, Elaine finds her considerable martial arts skill tested to the limit—and her ability to resist Cade crumbling by the second. But when nothing is as it seems, the last things she can trust are her own instincts.

Kaye Chambers

Blood and Destiny, Samhain Publishing, print release January 4.
For Destiny St. George, shapeshifting lioness and private investigator, her best friend’s imminent wedding is little more than a reminder of her failed relationship with vampire king Marcus Smythe. Tired of being only one of many mistresses—and dinner entrees—she’s stayed away from the vampire scene altogether. Until a missing-person case forces her to seek his help. When the case proves to be an elaborate trap to avenge a millennia-old grudge, she finds herself caught between love and instinct—while the clock ticks down on an innocent victim’s life.

Love at First Shot, AudioLark, audiobook release January 11th.
Emma Feltman of the Supernatural Clean-up Crew is a master mage in training with one minor problem: sexual frustration has twisted her ordinarily powerful magic into an unpredictable force of chaos. Sent to retrieve the body of a dead werewolf, she runs into another complication: T.J. Jackson, a coroner she’d just (ahem) die to play doctor with. Make that two problems. T.J. is immune to magic, which means there’s no way to make him forget what he wasn’t supposed to see. Stashing him away in a remote cabin, Megan opts for a more personal solution. But can a relationship born of extreme conditions survive?

D. McEntire

Purrs & Lace, Turquoise Morning Press, January 30, 2011
Angelina knows the meaning of a hardship. Desperate for a place to belong, she got sucked into a life of prostitution and addiction. But a deadly accident on an icy mountain road offers her an unlikely second chance in the form of her rescuer, snow leopard shifter Jonah Stark. The injured human female stirs something within Jonah, making it impossible to let her go. But, how far will he go when her past returns to claim her?

Jody Wallace

One Thousand Kisses, Samhain Publishing, February 8.
Embor Fiertag, Primary of the Fey Court, has faced some major challenges, but none as tough as the three facing him right now: getting reelected, capturing the rogue agents who tried to murder him, and improving his love life. The third one should be easy—except he hasn’t exactly told Court trainee Anisette Serendipity she’s his foretold bondmate. Ani doesn’t even like him, and she’s dating Torval, his chief rival. But none of that matters when Torval tries to force himself on her. Forced to flee together to humanspace with a manipulative magical cat, Embor and Ani must find the courage to reveal—and heal—their vulnerabilities before the fabric between the Fey Realm and humanspace is ripped to shreds.

SJ Willing

Dante I, Samhain Publishing, print release March 1.
Two years on the Separatist-controlled planet of Dante I, and undercover PIACT agent Tomas Valcino is no closer to contacting the underground rebellion. As if imminent mission failure isn’t bad enough, he can’t shake his lust for the prefect’s beautiful daughter, Yumi Rebyj. An assassination attempt drives Tomas and Yumi into hiding. In close quarters, all is stripped away. Secrets. Lies. And clothes. But when they uncover a new technology, they ignite new Separatist repression. Can Tomas's and Yumi's connection save the planet, or will it be too little, too late?

Sharon Cullen

Wherever You Are, Samhain Publishing, April 5.
For the one woman he’s never forgotten and a love that defies the centuries, Morgan must conquer his fears and battle his deadly enemy to keep Juliana at his side.

Jean Marie Ward

“Personal Demons” in Hellebore & Rue, Drollerie Press, spring 2011.
Rescuing children from demonic possession is a risky business, especially when the demon decides to get personal.

D. McEntire

The Watchers: Midnight Unseen, Samhain Publishing, print release May 2011
Dreams clash with reality when a Watcher mission leads Tank into a musty, rat-infested basement where blind piano virtuoso Sonya lies broken and bleeding from the attack of a Rogue vampire—and suffering the beginnings of the Change. Keeping Sonya safe from the Rogue determined to claim her is only half of Tank’s battle. Sonya must accept her new life, or his dream will become only a memory.

Jean Marie
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