15 April 2012

April Showers

I know I was supposed to talk about urban fantasy, I can tell you I'm working hard on Incarnate's sequel Sacrament and it's been a hard fought battle, but I want to make sure it's perfect. At least I can see the end in sight. Which is good considering the paperback for Incarnate comes out in June!

I've been deep in my writing cave working away, but I have to say with the mild winter and backwards March I kind of escaped my cave a little be oftener than I should have.

March was insanely hot.

I never remember a March where I wore shorts, especially since I live in Canada.

I also have to say I'm a bit distracted. It's my birthday tomorrow. The big 3-4.

Today I'm getting my b-day dinner as tomorrow is Monday and I have a Brownie meeting. I'm a Snowy Owl.

I know this is a crazy rambling post and I apologize, but what can I say I'm the almost birthday girl. :)

In May I hope to be able to share a bit of a sneak peak on my next bear shifter I've been working on or a sneak peak of something I have coming this summer. A self publishing endeavour. :)

Until then. I hope your April showers bring May flowers. I know I'm looking forward to summer, because June marks the beginning of our month long excursion as we travel across country.

Happy April everyone! :)
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