02 May 2012

New book! The Sword of Danu

I am the worst blogger, I know.  I think I've missed my day for the last two months. Honestly, I was living in Research Project Proposal Hell, and my brain was just bogged down with APA format and hunting down every. last. editing. mistake. My professor is worse than any copyeditor I've ever worked with, lemme tell ya.

But, now that's over. And I have a new book coming out! I am pretty excited about this book for several reasons. First, it's really fun, and some of my best work, I think. Second, it's Celtic mythology. No, actual Celtic mythology, not made-up fantasy elves and fairies. There's magic and artifacts, Tuath de Danaan, a dragon, and a smith god who looks a lot like John Barrowman.

Third, I am launching (if all goes to plan) the book at Balticon. My friend Danielle and I are doing a co-launch party, since her book is also Celtic mythology based. If you are coming to the con, please find me. I will also be reading from the book at the Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading. Where I will also get to hang out with BTV girl Jean Marie Ward and all kinds of other people I haven't seen in far too long.

I will be posting teasers and stuff on my own blog the closer we get to launch, but today you get the cover!

It is probably my favorite cover of mine so far. I mean, I love the Crown of Zeus cover and all the others, but this one is, as a friend said, kick-ass. And it reflects the book. The graphic artist does tattoos by day, and I think those people are so very talented. Oh, okay, I'll give you the cover copy too:

Megan has embraced her role as the Librarian, protector of the Library of Athena. She’s spent her entire summer teaching herself magic (although it doesn’t always work out the way she wants) and studying the Library’s secrets. The Order of Ares, an organization bent on stealing all of the Library’s artifacts, are always at the back of her mind, though they’ve been quiet for awhile.
Then she is forced into yet another enchanted story. Or rather, the story comes to her, somehow ripped from the pages of the book and brought to life. She and her friends must fight their way through an imaginary Ireland, where danger lies around every turn, and find the mythical Sword of Danu.

It’s a race against time—because the magic is spreading. The manor is being overrun, and Megan, Rachel, Claire and Harriet must fight through what was supposed to be an imaginary world to find the sword and return things to normal.

Have a great week!
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