28 May 2012

A Military Fan

I am a total fangirl.

While I am gaa-gaa over my favorite authors and movie stars, I am more awestruck and in heartfelt love with our men and women in the military.

I don't have any family members in the active service at this moment but my dad was in the U.S. Marine Corps. and several of the men in my family have been in the military. This completely and totally amazes me.

I have two young sons and can't imagine I'd be a strong enough to watch them join up. Of course I would stand by their decision, if it came to that. Of course I would be proud. But it would be hard and I don't even want to think about it.

But others have. They've thought about it, realized the importance of protecting our wonderful nation and fought for our freedoms. Many have not come home.

"Thank you" is not big enough for anyone who has given the ultimate sacrifice for me and my family. It never will be. Bless the wives and mothers, fathers and sons who have made the sacrifice as well. Bless the ones who loved you and had to let you go.

I wish I could hug every person in active duty. I'd also hug each and every parent, child and loved one who might not be in the field, but who is also in the military today. You are loved.

A grateful fangirl,
Kimberley Troutte


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