18 May 2012


I hate to say it, but I am guilty of having huge 'fan-girl' moments. Those are the times when our excitement/appreciation gets the better of us and we wind up squealing out loud.

Yes, it's not very dignified. But it happens. Not frequently... well, then again, these past couple of weeks have been 'season finale' weeks of some of my favorite television shows. So the 'squee' moments have been a bit more deafening.

Who or what makes me squeal like a little girl? The recent -- and not so recent -- top five, in random order, includes:

1. Mr. Gold and Belle in the season finale of Once Upon a Time. So sweet!

2. Season finale of Castle... smooch attack! ;)

3. Trailer for The Raven: I am a huge Poe fan. Have I seen it yet? No, unfortunately. I'm waiting for the DVD just in case the 'graphic violence' is too graphic. Yes. I can be a wimp. Dark. Spooky. Scare the heck out of me -- YES! Copious amounts of fake blood and gore? Um, not so much.

4. Any good review I've ever received for a book. There is very little that makes me feel more validated than reading how much someone loved my writing. :)

5. Each of the 'acceptance' letters I've received for those books bought by my publisher. :) Those are always a great feeling.

Oh, there are other times I could mention: like when Troy Polamalu intercepts a pass and runs for it; when I get to see Daughtry live in concert; when my family gives me the best present ever; when something good happens for or to someone I care about. ;) But I'm sure you don't want to know them all.

Ahhh... Grimm is ending up later tonight. I'm betting I'll squee a bit then. Or maybe elicit a scream in frustration? Either way, it's all about being a fan-girl. Some squeals are happy, some not-so-much, but at least you know I'm really in the game.

~~Meg Allison Indulge your senses... http://www.megallisonauthor.com
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