13 May 2012

What I'm a fan of

I thought I'd share TEN things I'm a fan of. I'm having to limit it though to things to with Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal and that ilk, because this would be a CRAZY long post if I didn't.

1.  Dr. Who. I've been a fan for ...as long as I can remember. My Dad watched it when I was kid (In the Tom Baker days) and so I grew up with it. Not that I'm complaining. I loved Christopher Eccelson as the Doctor and I LOVED Rose ...she's my favourite companion and this is one of my favourite pics. This is right before the Doctor turned it into David Tennant's version ...which I also adore.

2. Princess Bride. I swear there isn't a theme of kissing. I just happened to have two in a row. I love this movie. I was about eight or so when it came out and I could recite phrases from it for so long, still can. And seriously who didn't have a crush on Westley?

3. Torchwood. I do actually have a picture of Captain Jack kissing Ianto, but I thought I would mix it up a bit.

4. Star Wars. No, I'm not a romance writer. Not in the least. ;-) I know they're not in their Star Wars costumes, but I love this picture. LOL I loved Star Wars. LOVED IT. Now I'm SO stoked my 6 year old boy is totally into it. He lives and breathes Star Wars and my home is full of Fighter Pods with tiny little Lukes, Darths, Chewies all over the place. Though Yoda is currently MIA.

5. The X-Men. I like the Avengers too, but the X-Men in particular Rogue and Gambit were my favourites. Okay, I seriously have some kind of kissing fetish don't I?

6. Labrynith. Yay for Goblins who like David Bowie in the 80's. WOOT! As a kid I seriously wished Goblins would've stolen my little brother, but it didn't happen.

7. Harry Potter series, in particular Sirius Black. He was one of my favourite characters and the casting of Gary Oldman was right on the button and is who I pictured when I read The Prisoner of Azkaban. I was also spot on with guessing they'd cast Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid. Brilliant casting all around actually.

8. Twilight. Yeah, sorry ...uh actually, no I'm not. I love the series and this is about MY fan favourites.

9. Lord of the Rings. Thought I'd show Faramir, more of a hero than Boromir whom their father preferred because he let Frodo go. He's another one of my favourite characters, though I truly do love them all in their own way.

10. Who you gonna call? I remember seeing the first one as a kid at the Drive-In Theatre. Back then we didn't have child safety seats or even really a back seat in the back of my Mom's GMC van. She opened the back doors, hooked the radio on the window and we sat in the back on a mattress with blankets and pillows. She drove us home like that when we fell asleep, only by then she closed the doors. We slept all night in the van in the driveway. It was awesome.

And I'll leave you with a funny! Have a great rest of the weekend and thanks for sharing in some of MY personal faves. :)
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