16 September 2012

Guilty little pleasures - Mine is Reality TV

When I think of guilty little pleasures I think of things people would find werid that I watch.  And something you might feel a wee bit guilty over.

I'm not a hard core Reality Fan but there are some I really enjoy and one that I become a raving leunatic if I miss it.

So here's my reverese order of favorite Reality Shows.

10.  Survivor - This makes the list mostly because I watch it when its on and DH is a DIE HARD FAN.

9.  National Geographic's "Doomsday Preppers" - I'm not as much fascinated by how people prepare for the end of days as much as their theory's.  I'm still holding out for the Doomsday Prepper

8.  House Hunters & House Hunters international - Anyone who has had to room with me in a hotel knows my passion for this holds no bounds.  I'm truly obsessed.

7.  I Hate my Kitchen - I love home renovating shows and this one has all the stuff I find cool, gadgets, decorating, trends, and the big reveal.

6.  Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition - I like this particular weight loss show because it shows transition of people over a year.  Some of the people don't make it, some get close but no cigar.  There's no prize at the end so the individual is motivated "usually" by their own personal reasons. 

5.  Ax Men - One name - Shelby Stanga.  I find him a true delight.  A blend of optimism in the wake of a very difficult life.  Wow.

4. Swamp People - I watch this enough now that I understand Cajun and don't have to read the subtitles anymore.  My favorite hunters are RJ and Jay Paul the Native American duo.

3.  My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (both UK &  USA versions)  - I stumbled upon the American version but the British one is so much more fascinating.  I begin speaking like an Irish traveler if I've watched alot...like six hours. :)

2. Bachlor Pad - I don't watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette shows but I love the train wreck known as the Bachelor Pad.  Putting 8 men and women in a house to do whatever and compete is very dramatic.  I'm sure that's why it's come back for it's third season.

1.  Amazing Race -  Thank goodness for CBS.com.  otherwise I'd be unbearable to miss this.  My husband can attest that I threw things during an episode I missed years ago due to a power black out.  There's someting about taking a relationship and throwing the dynamics of competition and travelling to foreign lands  hard to look away from.

I find most reality shows that I like must have compelling people in dynamic situations.  Any area where I can learn more about people I find that interesting to watch. 


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