30 September 2012

So close ...

I had another blog post set, but then something completely and utterly random happened to me and it involved something from one of my favourite movies of all time ...Ghostbusters.

I LOVE Ghostbusters. Love it. I remember seeing the first one when I was a kid in the Drive-in theatre in my home town. It terrified me, as I was under 10 at the time, but it was also so funny and I had a major crush on Peter Venkman (Bill Murray).

My brother recently moved in with us for a short while, while he relocated to a new job. He decided to do his Christmas shopping for his niece and nephews (my kids) on Friday. He works such long and random shifts, he never knows when he'll be working.

So we went to Toys R Us and did some shopping.

On our way out we noticed this HUGE line around the LCBO (Liquor Store here in Canada).

"What's going on there?" My brother asked.

"I think Dan Aykroyd is there signing his Crystal Head Vodka. I heard he's on some kind of tour to promote buying Canadian products."

Now, Dan is Ray Stanz from Ghostbusters and he's also Canadian.

"Wouldn't it be funny if Ecto 1 was there. I'd stop if Ecto 1 was there," My brother said.

We drove by and there she was. Ecto 1.

Totally random.

Of course we stopped. We said we would and this is what resulted:

Yep. Me and Ecto 1.

So absolutely cool!

How about you? Anything random like this happen to you before?
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