12 September 2012

Story Addict

Guilty Pleasures on TV or streaming?

I don't...really have to out myself here, do I? ::sob::

Oh, I'm guilty of the expected ones:

DOCTOR WHO! Warehouse 13, Haven, Supernatural (though I'm woefully behind and watching on DVD)...

I've also loved some lesser-known paranormals:
Painkiller Jane - based on a comic book by the same name, Jane could get hurt, but she heals. Fast. It was an amazing show, and it didn't stay on the air long enough.
Continuum - is a new, Canadian, time-travel show. The effects are decent, the acting isn't bad, and there just enough hints that the writers have ideas on where to take the story line as early as the second episode. *love*!

Anything police procedural gets my attention, even though I know it's total fiction:
CSI, Law and Order, The Glades, Life, Leverage (not really a police procedural, but oh so good)

There's a new one that looks like a police procedural set in 1863 called Copper that I'm fascinated by.

Gritty shows:
I loved the first season of Dexter, but I couldn't handle more than that.
Ditto Saving Grace

 But I bought and watched all five seasons of a show about life in prison called OZ 

My girlier addictions:

  Drop Dead Diva - a supermodel dies and winds up in plus-sized lawyer Jane's body. I can't even tell you what I love about it, but I do.
  SMASH - which I've mentioned before.

 And when I'm having a really bad day, and nothing else works? I'll plunk down and watch an episode of Arthur, the cartoon (particularly the ones with Taj Mahal or Neil Gaiman as guests)

 In short, though? I'll pretty much watch anything if it's on.

I search out shows to stream, and I glom them like candy. I share my finds with one of my friends, and we moan about how all the good stuff gets cancelled too soon (Jericho! ::sob::)
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