20 September 2012

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Photos from Dragon*Con

I tried to write to topic this month. I really did, but I had all these great pictures of this year's Dragon*Con, and you know you'd rather see them than read my babble. So here they are, all wrapped up in a Thursday Thirteen:

I just love this Darth Maul's color sense, and talk about dedication. This shot is from Thursday, August 30, before the con even started.
Something tells me I should know who this guy is. I know I've seen him in an anime.
Not the best photo quality, but certainly a definitive Dragon*Con After Dark shot. And people thought Teri Smith and I were kidding when we wrote about fur condoms and chainsaws in With Nine You Get Vanyr.

This Conan was movie-grade. Even FX artist Jonathan Thornton thought so.
My ninth floor hotel room overlooked the Dragon*Con parade route. Unfortunately, Parade Grand Marshall Stan Lee was looking the other way when the shutter clicked.
The 501st Stormtrooper Legion, aka Vadar's Fist, brought the parade to a fitting close.
Two clockwork dolls in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency.
There were fairies in the food court.
And Cruxshadows fairies everywhere. But these are official Cruxshadows dancers. Holding the reins is long-time lead dancer and back-up vocalist Jessica Lackey. This year's Cruxshadows concert was especially emotional, since it marked Jessica's retirement from active performing.
A lamia to dream about.
The Crossgender Avengers, featuring author Janine Spendlove as Thor. Have I mentioned she's a Marine?
Where else but Dragon*Con could you find yourself squeezed into an elevator with a functional nuclear reactor. Erp!
And finally, the kilt shot I promised Carolan. This is Emerald Rose in concert at the Gather Square in the Worlds of Anne McCaffrey track.
Of course, this is just the tip of my Dragon*Con iceberg. If you'd like to see more, you'll find 187 additional photos on my Flickr page. There might have been more, too, but Flickr drew the line at two hundred.  Spoilsports!
'Til next year!
Jean Marie Ward
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