28 April 2013

Do get Fresh...or not

Trying to keep writing fresh in my opinion is more about revamping, twisting the old than starting with something entirely new.

I will occasionally watch a movie and wish for a different ending or maybe see something that I'd like to mash up. 

However that said I truly believe the heart of most romances follows your basic fairy tale or love story.

We've seen your: Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet and that's okay.  Why?  Because readers love these stories and they love the resolution that occurs, well maybe not the Romeo/Juliet ending but we tend to make that a happy one.

There's nothing saying that Cinderella can't fall in love with her fairy godmother, That the beast can't be a merman or that Juliet has to be a girl.  You get the idea.

Taking an old story  and putting a new face on it makes it both familiar and fantastical to the reader. 

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