16 April 2013

Passing the hat for one of our own

Lousy doesn't begin to cover the events of this week. Most of us are still in shock over the bomb at the Boston Marathon, checking in with our New England friends, and hugging our loved ones tight.

Unfortunately, great tragedies on the world stage doesn't make the everyday ones go away. It doesn't even slow them down, which brings me back to friends and loved ones.

Xakara, whose books (from Samhain and Liquid Silver) and Beyond the Veil blogs are guaranteed to make you smile, is stuck at the intersection of Bad Economy and Worse Health.  Her unemployment benefits ran out before her disability benefits could kick in, and like a character in a 1920s melodrama, the landlord is at the door demanding the rent. Seriously, folks, the landlord couldn't extend her due date for one. More. Week. She needs the money by Friday, or she'll lose her home on Saturday.

Which is where we--and hopefully you--come in.  We've established a Fundrazr account to send money directly to Xakara. The beauty of Fundrazr is you can pay however you choose, including Paypal. All you have to do is click the big red heart/donate button.

Beyond the Veil doesn't do this sort of thing often. We're a free blog, with free content. But sometimes, the need is so great we have to reach out. We can't do anything about the haters who leave bombs in duffel bags. But we can do something to help the people who bring love and laughter into our lives.

I hope you will do something to help Xakara.


Jean Marie
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