08 April 2013

Ideas Galore

Greetings Kittens,

So we’re here to talk about ideas and from whence they come. Like most authors, it would be easier to list what doesn’t inspire me, but right this moment, I’m having a hard time with that, so let’s stick with idea origins.

With me, it can be anything. A single sentence can be enough to set off another 100k words to keep it company. I don’t always know how the sentence is born, but dreams play a big part. I tend to be lucid or semi-lucid most nights and I’m a vivid dreamer, with good recall. Since my subconscious can’t be bothered with logical jumps and continuity, it’s a chance to just let go and roll with anything and everything.

Daily entertainments are a big inspiration as well. On good days, I can get through a chapter, or to the end of an episode, before I start rewriting everything. On a more average day, I’m lucky to make it to a point-of-view or commercial break before my mind spins in a million different directions on how to do it differently.

Every conversation and occurrence around me carries the potential of a story within it. Every new skill I learn spins the great “what if” and allows me to go deeper. And right now, even my illness is a journey with the potential for more. So if you come across a paranormal with a heroine who hoops, bakes and may have an alien shape-shifting virus, altering her DNA, give it a whirl.
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