15 April 2013

Tales of the Were by Bianca D'Arc

For the past few weeks, I've been doing two main things - writing my upcoming book, Tales of the Were: Grif and packing goodies for the big RT convention in about 2 weeks. I have to mail a ton of stuff ahead to be at the hotel when I arrive and that all requires me to be done with packing and sending on a somewhat tight schedule. Eek!
I thought today, maybe I'd give you all a little insight into Grif and the whole series...

Grif is trying to find some peace of mind in the mountains, but instead finds a human woman named Lindsey, being hassled by the local werewolf Pack. They're trying to drive her off and Grif realizes almost immediately that he can't let that happen. He needs to find out why the wolves are so dead set against her and help her overcome whatever conflict is between them, so he can keep her nearby. His inner cat demands Lindsey's presence and Grif finds himself prowling near her home in his cougar form, watching over her safety both day and night.
The book, Grif, is named for the hero of the book, Griffon Redstone, CEO of Redstone Construction and Alpha of one of the most influential shifter Clans in the U.S. I've mentioned him in previous installments of this series and his brothers and cousins have appeared in other books - most notably, Matt Redstone, who is a favorite character from the novel Sweeter Than Wine, which is technically part of my Brotherhood of Blood series, though the two series do crossover a bit here and there.

Grif picks up immediately after the action of my most recent book, Tales of the Were: Slade.

In Slade, they are tracking the killers of the Redstone matriarch. Grif and his whole family, including the youngest, a pre-teen girl named Belinda, are traumatized by the murder of their mother. In Grif's book, he leaves the homestead in Nevada and takes little Belinda out into the wilds of Wyoming, to the family cabin, to help them both recover from the shocking loss of their mom.

The intrigue thickens when two of Grif's brothers arrive in Wyoming with news that the feral shifter who killed their older sister a while back, is stalking them all. Grif fears for Belinda's safety, but also for Lindsey - the woman he thinks is his mate.

Along the way there are some rather heated love scenes between Grif and Lindsey... and even a little naughty threesome action. ;-) There's also a deep and abiding love between Grif and his new mate that cannot be denied. He'd do anything for her - including sacrifice himself so that she can remain safe.

I plan to release Grif's book in late May, if all continues as planned. And part of the "master plan" is a sub-series of Tales of the Were stories that will start with Grif and end with the youngest Redstone brother, Matt. I'm going to call these 5 books, Redstone Clan books, though they are technically part of the overall Tales of the Were series. Yeah, I know it could get a little confusing, but I'm not sure how else to do it.

Grif will start the sub-series, followed by the intriguing story introduced in Tales of the Were: Slade, of Magnus Redstone and his mysterious vampire lover. We're going to find out how Mag knows Miranda, the trapped vampire we meet at the end of Slade. So we're going to mix it up a bit. Cougar shifters, werewolves, vampires... You get the picture.

The Redstone Clan sub-series will be released over the rest of 2013 and into 2014. It even has it's own little graphic, that will appear on all the covers. Neat huh?

In the meantime, you can already get the stories that lead up to this sub-series. The Tales of the Were to this point, are as follows:
1. Lords of the Were
2. Inferno
2.5 The Purrfect Stranger (only available from AllRomanceEbooks.com at this time - it's a short story)
3. Rocky
4. Slade
5. Grif (coming soon)

And there you have all the info on the Tales of the Were. I didn't really mean to go on so long in this post, but it's done now and I hope it answered some questions for some of you.

- Bianca

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