31 August 2013

A Writer's Travels: A Summer of Inspiration

Yeah, I've been MIA on the blog for a while. Work, family, motorcycles...I'm easily distracted. :)

I've managed to put together a couple of videos with images from my travels this summer. First, my sister, mother, and my best friend J.C. Wilder went on a cruise to the Alaska Inside Passage. I'm not a huge fan of cruising, but I must say Princess is a nice cruise line. I had a much better experience than the first cruise I took, on a line that shall remain nameless. o_O

One of my main complaints about cruises is that there just isn't enough time to explore the ports. I could have spent a week each in Sitka, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway. Oh, and Victoria, B.C. - such a lovely city! In some cases we had literally only a few hours - in Ketchikan, it was barely enough time to take a tour aboard the Aleutian Ballad, a fishing vessel from Deadliest Catch. Another bit of drama on that trip was that I lost my trusty Sony Cybershot camera on the very first day in Seattle, touching off a frantic trip to Target to get a replacement (which set my teeth on edge because I had to make a decision without having the chance to do tons of research!). I ended up with a Canon PowerShot which I like, but I spent the entire trip learning to use it. LOL Here I've made a video of the best shots with music. Enjoy!

There's also a video of a sled dog ride my sister and I took. Check out my Youtube channel to find it.

Not long after the Alaska trip, my husband, daughter, and her fiance took a return trip to one of my favorite places on earth - the Canadian Rockies. I took over two thousand photographs and am still sifting through them, but I did string together a series of video clips into one themed video I hope you'll enjoy. :)

My daughter is getting married in six months, followed closely by my son a few months later, so things are going to be crazy around my house for a while. The one thing saving my sanity these days has been rides on my MP3, even if it's only a few miles down the river and back. Boy, I'm so not looking forward to winter...unless I invest in some heated gear to keep riding as the snow flies! I might even start motovlogging. Yeah, pretty scary to think I might try talking coherently while negotiating traffic!

If you live in the NW Ohio or SE Michigan region, drop me an email and let's meet up for coffee and a ride!

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