29 August 2013

Moving and Other Swearwords

We called the moving company and moved the bulk of our stuff last Friday.

We still are not moved in.  Here's a taste:

  1. 13 windows need to be replaced because the prior tenant, the owner's son, let them rot and didn't say anything
  2. 1 of the 2 air conditioners is missing because said son took it with him despite it belonging to the landlord (i.e. his parents)
  3. 2 of the 2 air conditioners was "totally fine" with a filthy filter.  We went to FOUR different stores to try and replace it, but a) it's not made anymore, b) it's not a model that should be washed out and re-used, and c) the frame is broken in 3 places and held together with duct tape.  (Is this where I point out the air conditioner having ducts is not the same thing as using duct tape to repair a broken plastic filter frame?  No?  Spoilsport.)
  4. We ran said air conditioner.  It made a loud rattle and stopped working.  Horrified, we turned it off immediately and waited.  After all, we'd been assured it's "perfectly fine".
  5. We turned it on again, only to have it fall silent, except for a high pitched whine, and started blowing hot air.
  6. The next day, there was a heat wave and the apartment's temperature didn't fall below 96.  My oldest cat started laying around, panting.  I seriously considered re-traumatizing him and stuffing him back in the carrier to take him downstairs to the old place so he could at least live in air conditioning.
  7. Today, the new air conditioner arrived.
  8. The installer threatened not to install it because the window frame is rotted (surprise). 
  9. He figured out a way around it and then went to install it.  Oops.  The landlady told him the wrong amperage for the outlet.  She tried to get him to set it up anyway but he (rightly) refused as a safety issue and will get the correct one.
  10. Oh, and the old unit?  It had a bird's nest in it.  AND it's sitting in my dining room on the drop cloth we put there while we're painting.  He'll remove it.  After the new one comes.  And tomorrow starts the holiday weekend.
Next time somebody suggests we move to a bigger place?  Shoot me.  Even if it's me saying it.  KTHXBI.

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