19 August 2013

On the Journey

I loved Amy's post about her camping trip and thought I would share a few of my pics too. These are all photos I've taken while going for a walk. It is amazing how much beauty is all around us. Sometimes we need to just stop a second and take it all in.

Writing books requires a lot of sitting time at my desk, which is great for the stories, not so great for my body. My backside has no business resembling my desk chair. So, I walk everyday to loosen up the old bod and to freshen up my mind. Stepping away from the computer and breathing fresh air lets my mind relax and many times I come back from the stroll ready to jump on a new scene.

This picture reminds me that life is journey. We never know where that road is going to take us.

And sometimes we have two roads to choose from. Which would you take, the curved, or the straight one?

The road has taken me to a lazy harbor at the base of the Grand Tetons (the glorious sights in this place were unbelievable)...

...along a private golf course in Palm Dessert (who knew the desert could be so lush in August?)...

...and to the top of a mountain on a hike with the local YMCA.

Wherever I go, I try to stop and soak in the beauty all around us. Isn't this a magnificent oak tree?

Oh, and when I get to where I'm going, I might do a little happy dance (see son demonstrating).

Life is a journey. Enjoy the walk.

Kimberley Troutte

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